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CentralBar: Our Story

An ancient legend handed down from generation to generation has it that Foligno is located at the “center of the world”. The tradition of this story stems from the fact that the city of Foligno, located in the center of Italy, has also been for centuries in a precise geographical and road centrality within the Papal States, thanks to the Via Flaminia and the Via Lauretana that crossed it, connecting it to the rest of the world. In the center of Foligno there is the ancient “Piazza Grande”, today Piazza della Repubblica, on the short side of Palazzo Crispo there is the central CentralBar. The CentralBar in Foligno has solid historical roots, in fact the walls that surround it were built in the early 1900s. The historic bar, first managed by the Tabarrini families and consequently by the Monsignori brothers, has taken on its

In February 1980 Sandra and Gianni Rosi, who took over the management, renewed the typology of the place by inserting the services of pastry and artisanal ice cream. Today, thanks to her daughter Catia, her husband Nicola Pellino and her son Gioele Pellino, have given the CentralBarun a further and decisive style based on the quality of the offer and services. The CentralBar has been modernized and updated by modifying and expanding both the internal and external spaces, placing structures outside the room with windows that can be fully opened to enjoy the view of the main square both in summer and winter. In business for 42 years now, the CentralBar is a combination of modernity and sophistication, reinforced by walls steeped in history.



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6:30 – 1:00
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6:30 – 24:00


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12:00 alle 15:30

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